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Computer Hardware
Wacom Inkling- digital of a pen-on-paper sketch.

Tracking Technology

Inkling uses ultrasonic and infrared technologies.

Supported Paper Sizes

Maximum paper size: A4 paper 8.27” x 11.69 inches (210 x 297 mm) Inkling can be used on larger paper sizes but will only record a drawing area of this size. Inkling will not record strokes made within 0.8 inches (2 cm) of the receiver.


Inkling does not require any specialized paper. It is intended to be used with standard paper or Sketchbooks on flat, rigid drawing surfaces.


Charging: USB (powered port). Pen and receiver charge inside Inkling case.
Pen Specifications


6.1 in. (L) x 0.67 in. (D) x 0.614 in. (H) or (154 mm (L), 17 +/- 0.4mm (W), 15.6 mm (D max))


0.67 oz (19g)

Ink Refill

Standard Mini Ballpoint ink refill (1 mm ball size), black ink


Type - Rechargeable battery, Ni-MH

Charging time

<3 hours
Ballpoint Pen Pressure levels
1024 levels
Main drawing area of A4 paper : approximately +/- 0.1 in. (2.5 mm)
Margins of A4 paper: approximately +/- 0.2 in. (5.0 mm)
Receiver Specifications


2.8 in. (L) x 1.26 in. (D) x 0.67 in. (H) or (71 mm (L) , 32 mm (W) , 17 mm (H))


1.37 oz (39 g)

Working time

>8 hours

Charging time

<3 hours


Type: Rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
Sketch Manager Application

System requirements

Windows 7, Vista or XP (SP3, 32 or 64 bit versions), Mac OS 10.4.0 (or later)

Supported file formats

Layered File Export: Adobe® Photoshop® or Adobe® Illustrator® CS3 or later and Autodesk® SketchBook® Pro or SketchBook Designer (2011 or later). File Saving Formats: JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, SVG and PDF.
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