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Computer Hardware
Water Blocks Video Card- denger den DD 5970
Fits Reference Design ATI HD 5970 video cards
Not compatible with
Pure Copper 110 used for the copper base
High Flow design
Uses stock back plate to cool backside RAM
Easy installation with Hard Mount Stops built into the block.
Compatible with reference 
Crossfire Compatible and Certified!! 
Significantly reduces Load and Idle temperatures on the video card 20-30C+
Capable of massive overclocks - card/silicon dependent
Completely Anti-Corrosive. No Aluminum used
Prepped for Crossfire
Smoked acrylic top!
All hardware is included to mount one block to one card...including thermal pads and Ceramique thermal paste.
Includes the Danger Den warranty and support via Phone, Email, Forums, Live Chat, or Ticket system!!!
Reduce temperature by more than 20-30+C
Bridges to cool all components are built in!  No fumbling with bridge mounting hardware
Allows the removal of the noisy fans on the Stock / OEM heatsink
Uses the international standard G 1/4 BSPP Fittings
Every block is pressure leak tested before shipment
Use RAMsinks or backplate on the backside of the card
Fitting Size
Image viewer
Video viewer
Price $185.00

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